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John, Lois, Andi, Dennis, Alison, Jim, Fern and Freda

West Beach, November 15, 2020

To go or not to go – that was the question on Saturday as FOS hikers followed the weather forecast. Being always optimistic, we decided to meet at West Beach and if conditions were unfavorable, cancel at that time. At 9:30 eleven FOS hikers were gathered in the rain and wind, watching the radar on our phones. But it was looking good. It was clearing. By 9:50 we were off. The hike was great, as usual, and we were protected in the woods from the wind. The waves at the beach were incredible. After hiking, several members went on to enjoy lunch.  

Walking along the high dune

High waves in the distance

November 1 First Hike

The first hike of the season was at the Indiana Dunes State park. Seven of us met for our annual Trail 9 hike. It was a day full of surprises. Snow showers greeted us before our hike. It was extremely windy. In fact, we had to turn around on the ridge on trail 9 as we felt it was too dangerous to proceed. The winds were strong enough to force us off the high dune. And what a drop (or roll) that would have been. Otherwise, the hike went well in protected woods. We then drove to the lake to view the high saves. They were spectacular. In spite of the cooler temps and winds, the hike was great. And as always, we enjoyed catching up.

Its hard to tell, but that's Andi, Fern and Lois at the beach.