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Artwork courtesy of Susan Johnson
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Sunday, April 18 - Our Second Campfire

What a difference a few weeks can make with crazy Chicago weather.  We went from a few feet of snow on the ground to sun and warm temperatures.  Several people brought food to share.  We had soups, cookies, and various other treats.  Hot dogs, sausages and even burgers were enjoyed.  Roasted marshmallows were again a hit.   Bikers met earlier in the day to enjoy the perfect weather and hikers met at 11:00 for a slower spring flower walk.  The conditions were so enjoyable that walks by different groups continued all afternoon.

Sally Roasting Marshmallows

Larry and Joe Enjoying the Day

Gathering Around

Scott, Bernie, Susan on hike

Kathy and Fern

Our first campfire social at Goodenow Grove, Feb. 20, 2021

After weeks of bad weather and a series of cancelations, we were finally blessed with a beautiful day for an outdoor social event.  Fifteen members came bringing chairs, their lunches and treats.  Roasted marshmallows and s’mores were enjoyed by nearly everyone that attended.   Who could resist!  In addition to enjoying the company of friends and a great fire, a few members went skiing and others hiked through the woods.   The snow was deep but the sun was inviting so no one seemed to care.  It was all part of the adventure.   

Thank you for the generous firewood donations from many of the people who came!    We may have enough wood for next time.   We also cannot say enough about the wonderful job the maintenance workers and staff at Goodenow did clearing our site.   There was a lot of snow to be moved around and our paths were clear, salted, and ready for us.   Thank you Goodenow staff!    This event was so successful we are already talking about doing it again in the near future.  It was a great way to socialize while this crazy pandemic is still on people’s minds.

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