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Folks on Spokes — Home of the Easter Ride

Known for the first invitational ride of the biking season, The Easter Ride, Folks on Spokes offers much more to its members and the Chicago/Northwest Indiana biking community.  Folks on Spokes (FOS) is one of Chicagolands premier biking clubs, with year round activities and is consistent in making an impact on the state of cycling in the Chicago south suburban area.  

FOS provides members with opportunities to ride with cyclists of similar riding abilities on a variety of weekly routes from 15 to 100 miles in length. Rides are scheduled on weekdays as well as every weekend during the cycling season.  Membership rides at all speeds from 9-12mph to 16+mph.  Most rides involve a rest-stop where we can grab a bite to eat.  Our 'Turtle' group has a special fondness for ice cream.

Offseason finds Folks on Spokes members gathering for hikes and cross-country skiing. Hikes are held every-other week, and skiing depends on snow conditions.

Q: What do you get if you cross a bike and a flower?
A: Bicycle petals!


Renee Thakali, an avid cyclist from the Joliet Bicycle Club will share adventures in Nepal on bike and on foot. She is a former Peace Corps volunteer who went to Nepal 40 years ago, where she met her husband Aita. The Thakalis visited Nepal in the spring of 2017. They trekked to remote villages in far eastern Nepal, visited family and participated in special celebrations held only once every 12 years, and then welcomed 4 biking friends to join them for 2 weeks in Nepal for mountain biking in the high Himalayan mountains. One of their biking friends on the trip is Roger Stoub, a FOS club member. Come join us for a wild adventure from the comfort of your chair. 

Please RSVP to Remember, all club members and guests are required to sign in at the front desk. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Club meeting: 7:30 pm

Nepal presentation: 8-9 pm


Dan Rumishek

Keep on Rollin’


FOS members often gather for more social events.  Every other month we alternate regular monthly meetings with social meetings.  Regular club monthly meetings feature discussions and a speaker presentation.   Social meeting months can involve any number of group activities.  Recently we held a pancake breakfast, and a social hour at one of the areas nightspots.  Social activities are an important component of Folks on Spokes.

Most club members look forward to volunteering for the annual Easter ride, where we interact with riders for other areas as well as with fellow club members.

We have several club special events.  July has an Ice Cream Social; September we hold the Club Picnic with catered food; October's last Sunday we hold the End of Season Bike, Hike, and Pot Luck/chili cook off; and November brings the most popular club event: the free Pizza Party on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

Q: Do you know what is the hardest part of learning to ride a bike?
A: The pavement.

Folks on Spokes continues to work with local government agencies to insure that the needs of cyclists are considered when road improvements, trail construction and laws regarding cyclists are reviewed. The club successfully influences area governmental bodies to remember cyclists.

Member benefits

As a member, you have access to club ride information, forums, communications, and other helpful information to provide a better experience. 

Q: Why did the little boy take his bicycle to bed with him?
A: Because he didn't want to walk in his sleep.

Q: What does a cyclist ride in the winter?
A: An icicle.

Q: When is a bicycle not a bicycle?
A: When it turns into a driveway.

Q: What is a ghost-proof bicycle?
A: One with no spooks in it.

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Watch a sample of biking, hiking, and social activities from last year.

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Why Join?

Rub elbows with cyclists who bike thousands of miles a year, ride with cyclists of all levels and learn great tips to improve your skills and safe routes with little traffic.

Rides of various distances and paces to accommodate different riding styles and abilities.

Rides listed on the website calendar.

Learn from experienced cyclists about the best equipment, clothing, etc.

Learn about your heart, safe exercise, and proper nutrition and hydration.

Support local and national bicycling organizations.

Discounts at area bike shops (with Club membership)

Discover great local spots to cycle and restaurants along the routes.

Stay fit year-round with winter hiking and cross-country skiing.

Be a part of one of the most exciting club invitationals in the Midwest, the FOS Easter Ride!

Attend the club's annual picnic, ice cream social, End-of-the Year Hike/Bike/Potluck and Pizza Party.

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